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Monday, 22 October 2012

Operating out of Ignorance

This post was put up by a gentleman on the Blog of Speaking Tree, where the Doreen Virtue blog on numbers was put up a few days back. Below his comment is the Response that Angels guided me to Give Him. 

Dear Soul
Sorry to say but you are talking like a masson of lower class whom is only concerned with the man made symptoms , from where the numbers system came? whats its relevance with spirituality or God or Angels. Angels are unliberated souls wandering here and there in search of body to enjoy the materialism particularly males company for their unfilled s(e)x desires. Then whats the use of these in sprituality and Angel numbers , please dont befool the Almighty's Souls for earning the shamefull earning. Almighty never forgets those who befool His souls, suck their blood by falsehood etc. thanks

Dear Soul,

Firstly please note the above is a reproduced part of what was on the Official Doreen Virtue Page, a person who Pioneers in Angel Therapy.

Secondly what God Almighty also sees is the choosing of Words & Thoughts we use in Judgement of others. Your kind paragraph doesn't really speak highly of what God Almighty preaches humanity to do. I leave aside the judgement of what you have imbedded out of HIS Teachings.

Thirdly, one must brush up a bit of knowledge, that Angels are not souls looking for bodies, those are Discarnate Souls who have unfulfilled desires who look to fulfill them through living Humans. In common terms you also call them Lost Spirits, Ghosts, or Evil Spirits.

Angels are non-denominational forms of Energy who have never Incarnated on Earth. They are Creations of God; Even before Creation was Created. Now again you'd say who said that, and I would say many a Souls who have peaceful relevant information have said this across time and for that Google or some books written by such High Souls would help you get the relevant information.

Lastly, no one here is befooling anyone because one cannot. We only can fool ourselves. So rather talking with such words and tones, being such a God concerned person that you are, You need to know that Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds go exactly in the same priority as they are written and God Almighty is for Sure Watching All of Us regardless of what we Think, Speak or Do.

Such God Fearing thoughts are of people who follow cults; people who Know what God IS are God Loving & only execute all that is in HIS Love & Light, Thus important to stop threatening humanity to be God Fearing and instead Teach People to be God Loving and do everything in HIS Love & Light.

The information written by you in the above para clearly states the sorry state of information sources that you might have. I pray that Your Path be Illuminated to know HIS True Love, Light & Essence and that of HIS Messengers & Other Divine Beings.

One Small Thing if You can remember for Life:

Divinity is never Consequential; It is Unconditional
Anything that is Consequential, is Not Divinity.
Karma is what is Consequential and Never Unconditional...

Thank You for initiating this piece, as with this reply, Angels would want to definitely guide many of an unliberated "Human" Living Souls, who operate out of half knowledge, judgements or who operate out of the Dogmas of Ignorance and Cult Beliefs. I understand the unhealed energies that would have made you write this, and I'm in no way offended to read the same. Thus as guided, have written this response to You. (There is a difference between Response, Reply & Reaction) and i hope & pray that the words contained here make you feel the difference between words guided by Higher Beings & words written by a reactive Human Mind.

Thank You and God Bless always (The Loving God & not the Fearing God)
May Love Light Grace & Abundance always be with YOU!


^ ♥ ^ © Roshani *

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