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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Questions of the Day 23.10.12 ~

1st Question of the Day:

Sur Sharma:
"Can we do affirmations anytime? Why are most that you've written say Night? And I'm awaiting for Angels to make arrangements that I can take professional service from You."

 We can do Affirmations anytime. These instructions when written in Daily Messages etc., or in the Free Readings of Yesterday on the Healing Page, are as channelled to me at that time when the message is given.
This is so that, the said affirmation will have it's highest resonation when said X number of times at that particular time. But besides that you can do and repeat it as many times.
Yes, mostly They have channelled for nights because, They say Nights are the time of regeneration of cells. Our physical mind is dormant and not at play so it doesn't interfere in the Divine work of reprogramming or healing or rejuvenating that the Angels and Masters carry out. So intents prayers affirmations of healing done at Night have the best effects, besides other time too as channelled by them at times like 3 times in a day or in mornings etc.
And always Remember when Your guidance & healing is due IT will afford itself. Never worry about it. What has to come otherwise will be got to You and from whom it has to come to You. The Source is pre decided by You too.
Angels & Universe just sync it & bring it together.
Whether through professional service or here on my pages or just talking to any of You; I pray that I may be utilised to Serve more & more People Each Day; in a Better & Better way! © Roshani

2nd Question of the Day:
Sur Sharma: (To not feel why only Sur has questions, Please post yours too on our Page :)
Q ~ Since I have started reading about spiritual stuffs, I have come to know that people carry weight or are aver weight coz of some spiritual blockage or carrying resentments. I want to know your views on it. Is it really true? What about bad eating habits in that case?

Dear Sur, yes excess weight is due to certain voids within us at a Soul level. Emotional voids, Financial voids, or any such voids, trauma, turbulence, can make the Body feel unprotected, unloved & uncared for.
In it's defense, the Body starts padding itself up by creating excess weight. The void or trauma, slowers our metabolism, creates food or beverage or lifestyle habits or other items that become the catalysts of weight gain, thus giving the Physical Mind a reason to connect to. The Physical Monkey Mind always needs an Equal To = analyzing factor for everything that it makes us do. This is because the Physical Mind is the Ultimate according to itself, and it will not let you move towards the Higher Consciousness that easily. If it doesn't create a reason for the Weight Gain, it will be easier for the Person to move towards seeking an answer and thus reaching Divine Guidance faster or easily.
What I do in my Weight Loss Healings as guided is;
First know the voids or reasons the Body started creating weight gain.
Identify the Catalysts that it has created
As guided give prayers, affirmations & healing sessions to heal all such voids and traumas within.
Once you do that; You are slowly moved away from all such Triggers that were acting as Your Catalysts. And even when you do eat any of those items in again, their effect as a Catalyst for you to put on weight would be dissolved, thus freeing you from its reactions.
Post that, needless to say, that Regular Exercise and / or Meditation will always help us stay Centered in our Inner Being, Emotionally Balanced and thus not giving scope for any activity or pattern to re occur in Your Life. © Roshani

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