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Monday, 29 October 2012

Is it wrong to pray to Angels & Believe in Them? ~ Daily Questions ~

Question of the Day:
Radhika Mody: Some say God is the only one we need to believe in. Then is it wrong to pray to Angels & ask Their Help?

 Angels are non religious and are non denominational forms of Energy that have been created by God, way before Creation, for the overseeing of the Planet and the Universe at Large. They are a fragment of the same Creator as we are, the only difference being that They have never been incarnated or walked the Earth (besides 2 Archangels who are said to have walked the Earth as Prophets).
Angels are Universal Messengers of GOD; to carry out GODs Will and some of them are deputed within Earthly planes to look after Humanity. There is a proper hierarchy and specific Roles that Each category & Each individual Angels play.
So when we pray to Them; we are praying to God;
The only thing is that they are the carriers of our Prayers to God and bring Gods Grace to us.
The reason being that it is difficult for us with our Toxic Lives & the density of the Energies around us, to cross the realms of Consciousness to go closer to the GOD Consciousness; unless the Soul is highly ascended or has a Master Soul (Ascended Master, Saint, Sadguru) assisting the Soul in doing so.
Angels help us get closer to our own Divinity to recognize the God within us and everyone and everything else. They are deputed to heal, protect, guide and shield us. They can only intervene in our Lives when we ask Their help as they cannot overstep the Freewill of the Soul; unless to save us from an untimely disaster.
But according to MEHER BABA'S Teachings; even after being the Closest Ones to GOD; The Angels cannot attain GOD Realization; Because GODs mandate gives GOD Realization only to Incarnated Forms which through their Consciousness & Sanskaras can move towards attainment of GOD Realization; which is the Biggest Grace that GOD can shower upon a Soul.
Thus in that sense; The Human Being becomes the Highest Creation of GOD; but that which is veiled by its own ignorance and karmic bindings.

So at our end, at SAHH, we leave aside any debate & respect all religious beliefs and thus leave it to each individual and their calling to decide upon connecting with their Guardian Angels or Archangels or any other Guides & Masters.
But if you go through scriptures all Religions have Angels or  Farishtays, Fravashis, Celestial Beings or any other names that we call Them.
However, we choose to recognise the power of Angels, acknowledging that they have a role play in our existence is the first step towards accepting that we are more than what we think we are.  We are all connected by this universal energy, and most religions support the theory that Angels exist, and make many references to them in the Holy Scriptures.

So it is a subjective matter on how the Belief about Angels is viewed. To know & feel them; Call Upon Their Help in all Love & Light, & They will leave no stone unturned to prove Their existence to You.

Much Love, Light, Grace & Abundance to All 
© Roshani

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