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Monday, 15 October 2012

Someone on Speaking Tree wrote an interesting & important point on how, Spirituality she feels is becoming a Marketing Gimmick & Truly feels that many a people play up on people's emotions for personal gains.

Yes to Each to Their Own & without being Judgmental let us view; "What is Our Role Play in Someone taking us for Granted" is what Angels thought to put down as a comment. ~ Roshani

The Comment:

"That is the primary concern of many a people. But like all things even making such choices is our lesson. When we catapult the Doer Monkey Mind, we want to do this workshop and that workshop because the Seeking doesn't Stop. This seeking is often which is taken advantage of.
The Real Guru is the Soul; But yes the Soul at some point or the other needs an External Guru to make it recognize its potential to be what we really are: The Para Brahma Within the "I Am Being".
No Workshops should just Teach You; They should attune & be able to elevate you to Touch your Divinity within. Atleast that is what i have been guided to do for everyone who comes for sessions or workshops. They contain minimum theory and maximum practical day to day techniques for Each of us to move towards the Light in our own way and own capacity.
My calling and endeavor is to make each and everyone touch base with their Own Soul their Own Divinity within so that they become Spiritually Independent and not Spiritually Dependent on external factors to elevate and enlighten them. But if for that one has be used as a medium So Be It. because at every stage we are a medium and catalyst to something or someone in Life.

So what we need to do is curb ourselves in knowing what We really need to do rather than What the Mind wants us to do. Stop the Seeking from Outside & Search Within and Even if we need Help take help to Go Within, not just Change Your Outer World because that You will never be able to do. The Reason:
The Outer World is the Mirror of the Inner World. Until You Change Within, There is No Change that Ever Takes Place. Because, Peace in your Inner World, is the Gateway to the Divine Grace & Success in your External World!!!

Once You realize this, No One will Ever take you for a Ride or take advantage of your Vulnerable situations however good they may be at Marketing; The Soul will recognize the Truth & immediately Accept or Reject.

Enclosing some interesting Blog links which would really help to know how all that we do is a Chain Reaction to our Old Mind Beliefs & Lineage Patterns."

Love Light Grace & Abundance to All,
© Roshani

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