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Monday, 22 October 2012

Fulfilling of Life Purpose ~ Sparkling Angels Daily Q&A

Question of the Day:

Maria Suflet: Hello my dear Roshani. I would like to ask for guidance on how we can move towards fulfilling our life's purpose? Thank you

Firstly we must come out of the myth that Life Purpose for all of us is something grand and huge that we need to execute. Someones life purpose may be to do certain humanitarian work, to serve society at large, or community and surroun

dings, to leave the karmic life and live a non material/family life, or just simply to serve his or her own family in the best way possible leading a life of good thoughts words and actions.

Whichever the case, there comes a time for some souls where the Inner push to know the Life Purpose increases drastically or pushes them to events that lead to the knowing of it. Once you know what your life purpose is, the basic first step for any change or bringing in of new things is to re pattern ourselves. Releasing old beliefs, mind conditioning, unserving patterns, toxic emotions & feelings that we have held on for long, etc.

Whichever path you chose to do these things, know that it is in the Beingness that you will achieve it and not in the Doingness of it. The Doer mind is the Monkey; the Being mind is the Monk.
To achieve our Life Purpose is to imbed a Spiritual way of Life. Spirituality is nothing more than that, a way of life that moves you towards your Highest Good in all that You Think, Speak or Do. And learning to stay in Awareness and Being in the Now is the only way to fulfill our Life Purpose/Mission and ultimately, merge with that One Consciousness the One Power. 

Meditate more, keep emotionally balanced and centred in Your Inner self, be in awareness of your thoughts, words and actions, take Divine Help and you shall be gracefully moved to people & opportunity fulfil your Life Purpose. ^♥^ © Roshani *

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