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Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Handle Old Relationships during the process of The Shift - Sparkling Angels Daily Questions

Question of the Day ^ ♥ ^
Anuradha Gupta:
Hi Roshani, I would like to ask you with the Shift happening, how to deal with old relationships wherein the vibrations don't match anymore?

 Dear Anuradha, as we move towards The Shift (i.e. 21st December 2012) there are many a changes that each of us will be going through. First it is important to understand what the Shift is and what it is doing to us. The Shift is a Shift in the Consciousness of the Universe and the Shift of the Era. We are moving from 3rd Dimension Energies that we are currently living in, to 5th Dimensional Energies that we are moving towards. The moving towards the Shift in its technical sense has already started, we are just coming closer to the Point where that Transition will complete itself from 3rd to 5th Dimension. Now while going through this process what each of us need to do, is Empty ourselves from within to take on the Vibrations and Energies of this Highly Divine Dimension that we as a Planet, Universe are entering. We can only empty the within, when we release from, within and around us all that is not serving our Highest Good which obviously is at the Highest Frequency and Vibration. So us as Humanity and Mother Earth as a Planet both have to ready themselves for this Dimensional change. And to do that all that is unserving and toxic has to be shed, released, thrown out. Each of us will be pushed off the Cliff, will go through various turbulence / releases through relationships, health or finance and Universe will make it imperative for Each Person, to take that Journey Inwards and shed all the Toxins.

Start taking Divine help through whichever Path your Soul chooses, whichever External Guru, or Master your Soul choses and start going inwards. Once you do that, start constantly affirming that You are releasing;
that which is not nurturing you,
that which is not for your Highest Good and
that which doesn't serve the good of the Universe.
When you start doing that with focused intent and efforts, you will see that any truth that has been hidden with people or situations that come or have been into your life, will start surfacing.
What you need to do is extract yourself out and be the Witness or the Spectator. Operate in a detached form; which doesn't mean coldness. It means operating without getting drained by the progressing / unfolding situation or getting attached to its outcome. All our debris of Emotional Clinging to things and people who are not for our Highest Good will be dissolved in this period. Irrespective of what the Physical world portrays, try to be the Center Point of a Whirlpool; still and calm just witnessing the turbulence around. When you are the witness you will be able to see the Relationships in a different perspective where Now you will learn your True Soul Lesson, the very reason why you manifested that Person or Situation into your Life. Bless the relationships that leave you with a lot of Love & Light and Free them from any bindings of unforgiveness or hurt or resentment. And that is the biggest challenge and and will be the Highest Point of Transcending for your Soul during this period of The Shift and thereafter. ^ ♥ ^ © Roshani *

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