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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pointers To Welcome Abundance, Prosperity & Success

Few Points To Welcome Abundance. 
Excerpts from our "The Abundance Workshop" ~

♥ Respect Mother Earth and the Feminine Energies in Your Life & Relationships. If You find Blocks in Money, Abundance and Career, see how you're Treating or Mistreating a Feminine Energy in Your Life and Correct it; because the Energy is connected to Mother Earth the Universal Provider. That includes how You treat yourself if You are a Woman.
♥ Check for Lineage, Parental Energy Bloc

ks with your Father; the Earthly Provider.
♥ Open Your Heart to Receive the Best.
♥ Know that the Universe is a safe and Abundant place.
♥ Know that You're the only block between Your Abundance and You.
♥ Know that Abundance flows when Your beliefs allow it to flow.
♥ Feel Abundant irrespective to your seeming real situation because the Point of Existence is only NOW.
♥ Create positive Money affirmations and live them; not just say them.
♥ Believe You are the center of All Abundance and Abundance flows all around You.
♥ Believe You're already living an Abundant Life.
♥ Believe Abundance flows with Grace and Ease.
♥ Release All Patterns and Mind Conditioning that Money is bad, Money is difficult and so forth.
♥ Trust no one will cheat You and affirm You will not Cheat anyone.
♥ Trust that You will use the Universal Abundance with Grace and Gratitude for the good of Humanity.
♥ Believe You're an Empowered Money Manager and You respect and welcome Abundance, Money and Wealth with Gratitude and Humility.
♥ Trust and Believe that God wants to see An Abundant Universe; What we Live is our Choice in the Blueprint of Life.
♥ So Shift Your Money Paradigm by being and knowing that:
♥ Abundance is With You;
♥ Abundance is For You;
♥ Abundance is YOU ♥

^♥^ © Roshani

In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude,
May Love Light Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^♥^

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