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Thursday, 20 December 2012

We must Stop Reacting to Life; And Start Responding to Life ♥

Our Dear Liker, Sur Sharma along with millions of others, is Very disturbed over a brutal Rape that recently took place in New Delhi, India. And while all such brutal "acts" need to be condemned there is a word of caution and guidance that the Angels have been giving us through the last few blogs on what we need to do, when Negativity shows it's Power to shake us. Here is some more guidance from the Angels for Sur and all those who are totally shaken by the gruesome events like the Shootout at Connecticut and some other killings, scams, rapes, murders, hurricanes, tsunamis or any other Events that are taking place around the World.

Dearest Sur Sharma, 

We totally understand what you feel, and what many others are currently feeling with This Rape and the Shootout with the kids in the US and the Knife killing of children in another part of the world & other such events. As we move into the transition of Energies, negativity is going to rise to its epitome as it is being overthrown by the NEW oncoming energies. 

As written in the recent few blogs of Angel Guidance, this is exactly what we need to refrain from; From giving out vibrations of lower emotions of grief, hurt, resentment, hatred, unforgiveness etc. to World Events that are happening and that which will still happen. 

This is because, this reaction, is exactly what the lower energies want to do. They want to Divert the Collective Human Consciousness which is being risen, from ascending, and bring it down and spiraling it downwards, into the Quick Sand of Fear, Hurt, Grief, Anger towards people who conduct such gruesome acts and or natural events etc.

As explained in the blog of Collective Human Consciousness, when the Collective Humanity is captivated in Mass Fear, Hurt, Hatred & such other Lower Energies & vibrations, we in turn unconsciously help those Lower Energies to create more such Events that further epitomize & increase similar emotions. 

It is therefore lovingly told that we need to stand in Awareness of what these energies are doing to us and Not let it use Humanity as a Tool for empowering itself; consciously or unconsciously.

Whether it is someone doing acts of anger and violence at home, or neighborhood, city or country, They all are operating out of their unhealed energies and Karma, which in turn is becoming a part of the larger Divine Plan comprising of Billions of Lives & Creation. 

We can condemn the "ACT" and punish the perpetrators but without Judgement, Hatred, Malice, Hurt or Grief, because by adding these we are all going to unconsciously contribute to more such events happening all over. Whether the Victims or the perpetrators, all are exercising Their Own Karmas, but what we Do in Reaction to these, exerts a baggage of Collective Karma on the Universe.

What we focus & intent will move into manifestation and that lies true even to the Collective Human Consciousness. 

So lets step away from being unconscious contributors, through our thoughts, emotions, words, messages, anguish, anger, hatred, etc., and move towards Awareness that will lead us to send, Love, Light, Healing, Prayers, Compassion and Kindness to all such Victims and Prayers for the Souls of the perpetrators that may these Souls not commit any such crime henceforth, and before any such thought, be caught or come into Authority Custody for the ACTS executed by them.

We need to know that Just as in Individual Lives of our Own, We also shoulder Karmic Responsibility of the Planet and the Universe, and for that we need to learn to; 

"Stop REACTING to Life; And Start RESPONDING to Life"

Let us all Pray in Unison that; No Human be used by these Negative Energies to cause hurt, harm, pain, or any kind of violence or torture to another Human, Animal, or any other Creation.

♥ © Roshani 

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♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ♥ Stay Blessed

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