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Monday, 10 December 2012

Mohanji on ~ The Shifting Times; A Profound Understanding

Dear Friends, the 3-2-1 Countdown to the Biggest Gateway 12.12.12 has Begun!
Please read this Beautiful Message by Dearest Mohanji & spread it to the World, through ALL your Networking channels.
Let us help more people to evolve higher using this GOD given time which will not happen in another 1000 years ♥ 

As someone asked for this clarification, the Date will come again in the Next 100 years; but this God Given opportunity of the Transition Within; will come only after another 1000 years on the next Energy Gateway available to mankind.

Please read the Full Blog, and even keep a print out if necessary to visit and re visit it whenever You feel a detour in your thoughts or emotions. The essence of this piece will exert it's Energies onto You even when You read it that is the Grace and Power of the Masters who are extending their help for Humanity to Evolve. 

Prepare Yourself with this loving Guidance to Shift through and Transcend both the Glorious Gateways of this God Given Time on 12.12.12 and on 21.12.12 by staying in Balance, Equilibrium, Peace & Love <3

Happy Reading <3 Happy Journey <3

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