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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The much Awaited "DECEMBER 2012"

The much talked about, Month of December is finally here. It's The "A" Month as i call it. 
The Month of Awareness, Altering of Consciousness, Allowing of Releases & Alignment all the way. Below is a Beautiful Blog on what to look out for in this "A" Month of December; The Only Time in The History of Human Evolution where Humanity has been Graced to Witness "THE SHIFT" 

The 26000 Years of Evolution mentioned in the below piece, is the number of Years of human evolution. Each Yug or Era, is anything from 1700 to 1500 years etc. whereby the current Yug the "Kaliyuga" has been the shortest of about 550 years or so as read in a reliable source article. This YUG or ERA is ending on 21st December where we all are shifting to the next ERA which is with the 5th Dimension Energies compared to the 3rd dimension dense energies of the "Kaliyuga". Every ERA, Humanity has perished and resurrected. Example; people who lived in the Times of Zarathustra were not there in the Times of Ram, The Ones in the times of Jesus, were not there in the Times of Buddha and so on and forth. But this is the FIRST ever time Where Humanity will not perish but be made to Witness the Great SHIFT into the Next ERA.

The Next few Days as we move to the Biggest Gateway Day for Humanity - The 12.12.12; We shall bring You posts from some Living Masters like Mohanji, on how & what to do during this Period of Great Change ♥ 

Love Light & Grace ♥ Roshani

December Energies

Alignment Alignment Alignment! I just see us flooded with Light! It's the threshold of Light we've been waiting for - but our work is far from over! It's more about a quotient of Light that will assist us in our Lightwork, making it easier to deal with the change necessary, bringing a force of change for the better through our communal structures. An influx of Light, as we recently experienced in November, brings a cleansing of all that doesn't resonate. These things take time. I am shown a vision of the spiral that moves from a dispersed expanse and spins into a compressed tight circle until it implodes into an expanding spiral. This is like what we are experiencing. As our Light quotient becomes ever brighter and 'denser,' being compressed into the physical form, we are contracting into the event horizon of our expansion, which then begins spiraling out and out into the next level of creation, the next level of dimensional awareness, the next level of growing. This is an experience we've been going through for many years. We've been wringing out the dross of any unforgiven hurts or fears. We are reaching a Light density that will ignite the spark of 2013!

Though I don't foresee everything being heavenly, I do see an ever-increasing accessibility to our natural state of being. In 2013 our brain abilities will be increasing. Our intuitive senses, our understanding of our Oneness within our individuality and the power of our Love Emanating will be increasing as well. While the 12/21/12 marks a threshold, it is not a magic non-responsibility wand. You must still create the reality around you with your focused, loving attention. Your brain's expansion is limited only by limiting thoughts. Your heart's electro-magnetic reach is enhanced by reaching out in Love. You have it all within you. It only takes focusing your limiting habits and patterns into forgiveness, a perspective of benefit or at least some inspired anger that stirs you into positive action! You can find all kinds of ways of helping yourself open your heart. Get out into nature, love on some animals, hang out with some children, listen to music, bake, buy some Toys for Tots just focus yourself toward love and sharing your love with others, even if you start with a tree! (They love Love!)

December is so filled with alignment that I see them everywhere! 12/3, 12/5, 12/7, 12/9, 12/12, 12/13, 12/17, 12/19, 12/21-12/23, 12/24-12/26, 12/29! It seems unfair to point out alignment on those days and not include the ones in between! The 12/12/12 is going to be a POWERFUL gateway. My guides have been showing me for months that it is like a GIANT opening that actually paves the way for all that follows it, especially the 12/21. The winter solstice feels peaceful and powerful. I am shown a collective release of the throat and higher heart. I recommend chanting, singing, humming and deep breathing on this day. Celebrate! Visualize your voice emanating out in color, warmth and emotion as it envelopes the world and the cosmos with Love. You are that.

The Astrology
Jupiter is still retrograde in Gemini until January 30, so we are still reviewing the balance between the polarities of the self and the world. This retrogradation is a catalyst for much beneficial change in the years to come as we have been transforming patterns and structures that hold us back. This will continue internally and within our collective structures. Uranus goes direct in Aries on 12/13. When the rebel planet stirs our Mars energy, change is inevitable! Along with Pluto in Capricorn and the prevalence of Scorpio energy these days, we are actualizing a lot of change. Also on 12/13 we have a new moon in Sagittarius, our collective fire sign. Sag is always thinking about how it can inspire change for the better in the world, so as we reset to a new pattern of vibration, Sagittarius is initiating a new inspiration of collective benefit within each of us. On 12/28, the full moon in Cancer turns our energy toward family and security. We are a family of Life on Earth; not just humans, but Life. Let the reflection of Unity with All Life be the candle in the wind that blows the warmth of sharing Love into the world around you. Enjoy this special month of Love focus and alignment. So much of it is created by you, not by the powerful alignment of the planets. They merely align, you Create.

It's not just a month of the year coming to an end, it's not even just a month of holidays that can inspire goodwill. It's a month of a 26,000 year cycle ending! Allow yourself to enjoy this culmination and imbibe the Light flow. Allow yourself to sway in the wave of Love that we are creating with our excitement of this time. Allow yourself to be the beacon of Love and safe shore that inspires others to find their way Home, which is within. Allow yourself to enjoy the progress you've made and continue your flow into joyful creative sharing. Allow your Light to shine, join and be replenished with the collective flow of Loving Light that we are experiencing. Now is the Time. WOOHOOO!

Have a great December! The one that has come in about 26000 Years of Human Evolution!

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All

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