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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mohanji on Purity Matters ♥

Dear Lovely Souls,

As we are on the Last day before the wonderful Energetic Gateway of 12.12.12; I share with You all, one more beautiful Divine piece from Beloved Mohanji.

These are Words, that will become an Anchor for your Soul today, tomorrow and in the Times to come. This piece stresses on the fact that "Purity Matters" and the origin of 'Purity' means being "Itself" i.e. being in its original inherent form of the Pure True Self at the time of Creation.

So read, absorb, imbibe and move towards the Light in All Your Glory! And as Mohanji always says, "When You take One step towards God; God takes Ten steps towards You."

Happy Reading! Happy Living! Happy Forgiving! Happy Giving! Happy Receiving!

Be Blessed ♥ © Roshani

In His Love & Light,
May Grace, Joy, & Abundance be Unto ALL 

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Dear Beloveds,

Time is racing past. At the same time, it is empowering people to experience higher dimensions too. Those who are willing to take at least one step towards liberation from various bindings of earth is being abundantly assisted by time and masters. Hence, do use this time wisely, shed doubts, suspicion, jealousy, guilt, greed, silly ego and anxiety and move on to the next level. There is nothing worth holding on, which is of permanent value, on earth.

Pat from Portugal had asked me to define a good and bad act, in the context of a spiritual being. My answer is - PURITY. Purity in thoughts, words and actions, while performing his life on earth. If your act is for the well being of the receiver, if your intentions are pure and unselfish, it is a good act. If you do anything to satisfy your own desire or ego, it is a bad act. A spiritual person should maintain his objectivity. Many people attain spiritual powers quite rapidly. These are baits of spirituality. If you use the acquired spiritual powers for your own benefit, you will fall. If you use the acquired powers for the general well being of the society, you will always stay liberated from it. The utility of a knife depends on its user. A knife can harm you and help you. It depends on how you will use it.

Remember the old story. Two monks were walking on the bank of a river. One was quite young in his 20's and the other saint was older, in his 60's. While walking, they saw a pretty young woman taking bath, half naked. They ignored the sight since they were not allowed to have such distractions and moved on. Suddenly, the woman slipped and fell into the river and started to drown. The young monk left his shoulder sack and jumped into the river and rescued her. He lifted her and brought her to the shore. She had become unconscious. He brought her back to consciousness and when he knew that she is fine and can manage on her own, he took his shoulder sack and left the place. He did not look back or expect even a glance of gratitude from her. The older monk was watching all this. After walking for a while in silence, when they sat down for lunch which they had carried, the older monk told the younger one, " I do not think what you have done is right. We are monks, celibates. We are not supposed to touch a woman, let alone a naked one. In that regard, I feel you did the wrong thing". The young monk smiled and said "Nowhere in the scriptures have I read that an act of compassion is wrong. The situation demanded an appropriate action. I acted. I left the girl at the shore. She is far away from my body and my mind. Why are you still carrying her?" This silenced the older monk. The young monk acted objectively, based on the need and purpose. He had no fears. The older man represents our current society. He never considered that the woman needed to be rescued or saving her life was the most important thing at that moment when the incident happened or that was the appropriate action at that point in time. Instead, he was totally pre-occupied by the man-made "do's" and "don'ts" for monks. This is an example of how the society which consists of people of various evolutionary levels will think and act and how, as a spiritual being, you should act. Again, the bottom line is purity. Action without selfishness.

In the spiritual path, when siddhis or spiritual powers have happened to you, I suggest "behave like a doctor". A patient is in front. Emotions have no value. Objectivity is important. Right diagnosis is the key for cure. Look at the patient objectively, diagnose, do whatever is the right treatment at that time, using all the available knowledge, technology and understanding, without worrying about the consequences. There are many occassions in the history of medicine that confidence and purity of the doctor working miracles on the patient. So, if we are pure within, we need not worry. If the intention was pure, never worry. Society may not understand the "eccentric" spiritual being. You need not worry about it.

When you have spiritual powers (siddhis), if you consistantly behave in selfish ways, it will erode from you. Objectivity is important. Who is in front is not important. What you need to do is important and you are doing whatever is needed is all the more important. Once you have completed what you have to do, objectively, move on without any expectations. In today's world, mis understandings are quite common. Each person entertains his own view of how a spiritual person should be. They have no consideration or idea about his operating level or consciousness. SO, do not expect all people to understand you. It is also not worth being scared about the society and because of fear not perform what you have to do - or what you meant to do with your available life and powers. So, the best way is to be objective and perform to your best ability. Your conscience should be clean. Your inner space should never be contaminated. Only if you entertain purity can you delivery purity. There should not be an inch of selfishness within us.

No fear is the sign of a true spiritualist. When you are performing from the level of purity, even if people will not understand you and your action, it does not matter. Remember, many people did not understand the actions of Jesus at his time and they criticised him and condemned him. Many people criticised and condemned Krishna. (The whole Kaurava clan for example). Many people considered Sai Baba as a mad man. Many people hated Osho. Take any spiritual master, you will see that some loved them, some hated them. Some moved with them with personal agenda and expectations. Some left them because of personal agenda and unfulfilled expectations. 

When this is the way the world works, what are we afraid of? Just ensure you stay liberated and pure at all times. Only then can you help others to see the light of liberation.

Bless You with Peace
Love Always

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