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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Countdown to The New Age; The New You ~ A message from the Angels

Hello Lovely Souls,

Below is a beautiful message, from the Angels and other Higher Beings for all of us, as we move towards 21st December ~ the Day of the Great Shift of the Era. Angels would like us to embed and imbibe this guidance for a smooth transition at an individual and collective level. As we move on, each day the Angels will give a message for all of us is what They have said.

It is four more days, for the Mother Earth to get aligned to the energies of the Golden Age; the 5th Dimension Energies. As the Earth Shifts to this Golden Age, in the Heart of the Photon Belt & its highly divine energies, there is much ado of what is going to happen and what is not. 

Angels have consciously guided that we don't forward just about anything that we get to see, read or hear, thus energizing it further, unless it is a message from authorative bodies alerting or giving precautions about any matter.The responsibility of not spreading any panic is the Karma and responsibility of each Soul and this karmic responsibility will be highly accountable, as any false rumour or messages, may prove fatal for weaker Souls and Souls who still haven't had the grip of things during these Shifting times. So be alert and be responsible.

Angels say, the important thing for each and everyone is to know that 'What' each one thinks, speaks and does is not only going to affect their lives, but the collective consciousness of the World Thinking is going to affect the Shift and the Earth energies during the Shift.

Angels say, as we go closer to the Shift alignment, it will become more and more imperative for each of us to stand in Awareness of our Thoughts, Words, Emotions, Feelings and Actions. Be in awareness that you will hear many a things, but you have to become the filter of letting all the unwanted pass and be released, while you retain only that which, your Intellect Higher Mind guides you to retain.

In these few days, till 21st December, meditate more, pray, chant, be in awareness of Your very Being and Surroundings. Extend extra help to the ones who need it. Send out Love & Light to everyone and everthing in your life, the World and the Universe at large, including the living Creation & non living, objects or items. 

Be centered and balanced, aligned and grounded. Do not drown into the emotional quick sand. Do not get into any arguements, fights, altercations, irritation or anger. Release any habits of complacency or procrastination.

Be in awareness that fear, worry, anxiety, anger, hatred, hurt, insecurity, unforgiveness, gossip, slandering and all other lower/negative/fear based energies are going to show you their ugly illusions by epitomizing the most vulnerable part of your life. Be the spectator and observe their great efforts but tell the energies "You can not fool me. I know you are not real. These thoughts are not mine. They don't belong to me."

Do not sway in the grief, of any tragic World events that occur. Send out Compassion, Love & Light, but no Sympathy and Grief, as sympathy and grief are lower emotions that energize the negativity further.

Do not compare or judge yourself or anyone or any event. Forgive yourself and all others who may have hurt you or demeaned your worth. Stop letting other people's life, karmic paths, thinking, judgments, or actions affect You. Know that you are made in the uniqueness and likeness of that, One God with whom you've pre-decided your Blueprint of Life. Be in the knowingness, that you are exactly where you need to be in that moment.

And to Be in the moment, you need to be in the awareness of the Now. Angels want to remind us, that, "whether you know or not, whether you realise or not realise, the importance of the Shift and the times that Humanity is passing through, know that your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions are affecting your Soul, your Karmic path ahead and on the larger level adding to the collective consciousness of the World and thus the alignment of the Universe." 

So tread your Path carefully, step by step, breath by breath as you move towards the Birth of the New Age, the Birth of the New You.  ♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥ 

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All

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