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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Art & Path of Helping Others without attachment to Their Outcomes

Angels say; we often have the best intentions to help people; but either end up by not being able to help rightly, or that our help backfires or we ourselves drown in their Energies. They have channelled some beautiful things which need to be positively absorbed and taken as a learning for

The Art & Path of Helping Others without attachment to Their Outcomes 

When You want to help someone; 
know that You can't be inside a quicksand to help another;
And nor can You save anyone who's decided to get absorbed in it. 
The reason being their own path, soul lessons & karmic debts are attached to it.

So don't let other people's lives & events around you disturb or ruffle You.
Extend Your help if You want to; but by being on the outside and not drown with them in their seeming issues, sorrows, grief or ailments. Because if You do so; be rest assured that You're not only wasting your efforts to help, but with the sympathy and drowning in their sorrows you will be giving more energy and strength; as your energy will give reality and acknowledgement of existence to the seeming concerns or issues.

Another important thing when You try to help is to detach yourself from the outcome or result of Your help or advise. Do not get disturbed if its not materialised the way you thought or if its not taken well or if its not adhered to at all. You can keep trying to show a path to a family member or friend but ultimately its their Freewill that will come into play to manifest the good or unmanifest the bad.

You need to be like a doctor who gives the prescription and leaves it on the Patient to take the doze accordingly. What the Patients do with that prescription, the doctor doesn't go home to check on them.

So do what you're guided to; for helping others but do it from within because you want to do it and not because you have to do it. Once you decide that, do it without any attachment to their outcome and results.

Thank everyone who Gives You the opportunity to Help them, as they are giving you the opportunity to receive Universal Blessings.
The Giver and the Taker are equally important and will co-exist eternally. The same way that your Giving & Receiving in Life has be balanced always. You can't give what you don't have, and You can't Give what You don't Receive. 

What you need to do is keep Your Giving and Taking balanced in Life to the best of Your human abilities and capabilities.
Live and Focus on Your Life; and Let others Live Theirs.
Do Your Best and Leave the Rest.
And ultimately;
Let Go; and Let GOD!

In HIS Name, Love, & Gratitude, 
In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All ^^ © Roshani

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