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Friday, 14 December 2012

Daily Spiritual Checklist ~ Your Angelic Companion


~ Hold on to Divinity with implicit Faith, irrespective of what is going on around You.

~ Stay Calm; Stay Centered in Meditation, Prayers, Chanting whatever gives You Peace; 

~ Ask for help, You cant find solutions if you're constantly feeding yourself with worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity.

~ Give Compassion & Not Sympathy to the ones who need help,
But do not get attached to the grief of World Events or People;

~ You cannot be in the same Pit to help anyone out.

~ Help or bring help for those who are mentally or emotionally collapsing, as Suicide might seem the easiest way out for many. Save the Soul from making any such decision.

~ Karmic closures, turbulence in health, relationships or finance will be witnessed;

~ Whichever is your most vulnerable aspect of life, the negative energies will latch on to that.

~ It is like, You will have an upset stomach with one outside meal; but that will take a few days to get well; You might have one fall and have a fracture, but it will take weeks to heal.

~ This is because, Negativity travels faster than Positivity at anytime.

~ If You sow Cactus seeds, You will see Cactus trees in the Now of Tomorrow,

~ If You sow Apple seeds, You will see Apple trees.

~ Stay Emotionally Balanced as in this period; Energies will drag You faster than before; where You Focus the Most!

~ Operate from Your Higher Mind; seek Help to do so if required.

~ So Be in Awareness of what you're sowing in your NOW!

~ Release all Fears of the Past and Fears of the Future. NOW is the Only Point of Existence.

~ Learn from the Now of the Past, Plan the Now of Tomorrow,
But LIVE only in the NOW of the Present!

~ What you experience in Every Now;
Is due to the Choices You made in the Now of Yesterday!

So Hold On Tight ♥ Be the Spectator and Not the Doer ♥ Stay Blessed

^♥^ © Roshani/Dec2012 

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All
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© Roshani/Dec2012


  1. Very good advice Shenazz....the need to be a spectator is a must otherwise one becomes a part of the situation and then invariably a victim....of course it is difficult to do so...but we must cultivate the art of being detached while attached .

  2. Messages and guidance...always at the right time. Thank u Shen..