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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

21.12.12 the Day of Rebirth for the entire Humanity ♥

At 11:11 AM World Time; 21.12.12 is the Day of Rebirth for the entire Humanity

Angels say; Each day is a gift  Make the Most of it

To just Believe in Life, can become the most treasured Treasure that you can possess because that Belief means to trust in the miracle of living in Faith, which is the silent caretaker of your beliefs and dreams, your goals and aspirations 

Just know this inherent Truth that;
After every night comes a morning,
Behind each cloud, the Sun is still shining,
And while this Sun is shining at you,  
There is someone in the other corner of the world,
Who is sleeping under the calmness of the Moon.
And when you get troubled with your thoughts or life,
Know that there are millions who don't even have to opportunity to Think anything,
Because They are Not Living; They are just Surviving;
Surviving in the chains of karmic bondage and veils of ignorance 

When you fan your own troubles with energies of self sympathy, victimhood and sorrows, neither Divinity nor any Human can ever provide a solution.
You can not fill fresh food in a Jar that has got rotten food in it 

So do not be deterred by the mirage & illusions of lower energies; 
They are just that - Illusions; 
They become Real only when You start focusing on them with strong intent, of worries, fear or anxiety or by collective consciousness that feeds it as you keep living and re living your plight through Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Words and Actions 

So stand firm, believe in yourself and open your inner eyes of the heart, to see the life's journey, in it's Real Natural state and that Real Natural State, is that of LOVE  
Know that all is happening exactly as it was meant to and Love is the Only Encompassing emotion that will help Humanity sail through these times moving into the Golden Era, which is full of Energies of Pure, Unconditional Love 

As you move towards the DAY of the Golden Era, know that a Day can become more beautiful for someone, when Kindness & Love touches it.
So stand up, don't wait; move out into the World to spread your Inner Joy, your Natural Gifts, Talents, Time, Love & Light that are your inherent Divine Gifts 

Be calm, be centered & emotionally balanced in Love, chant, pray, send healing, love & light to one and all and most importantly release all unforgiveness, hurt, blames, guilt, hatred etc. Do acts of kindness, give charity, feed the poor, feed animals, help a needy person with your time, spend time in the joyful company of children, paint, sing, dance to awaken your Inner Child 

Universe is Giving, the Biggest ever Gift to Humanity;
Will You make the most of it?

We are sure You will. So move ahead, and Choose How You want to Spend Your Re-Birthday! 

♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥  

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All!

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  1. Brilliant Shen! What an 'Agenda' for the Re-Birthday! What you write, what you share, what you implement and what you guide is flowing as beautifully and smoothly as your post itself... how much we soak, implement and sail through smoothly all depends on us...but i know that each and every post and the contents therein is endorsing your goal to help mankind as a whole and extending help immediately to people who read your posts day in and day out. Blessed are we to go through this Divine guidance ! Thank you God, Thank u Shen!

    1. Thank You Rashna for all your wishes and kind words. I pass on the Gratitude to God & the Angels and All Masters and Divine Beings for flowing THEIR Guidance through Their words. I am, but a secretary just taking down dictation and spreading it out to the downline of the Creator as guided <3

  2. Thank you dear angel for this perfect post. I am sharing it forward in love & oneness.
    Gratitude & angel hugs

    1. Welcome Gul. Much Love & Angel Hugs to you too :)