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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Anne Chawla writes about "Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage"

Please spare few mins to read this beautiful journey within, of a lovely person and a Gorgeous Soul, my Dearest Angel Anne Chawla. After reading this all I could say is;
My Dearest Angel Anne I can hear your Heart speak in this note and in all the messages that you regularly send. And in each message i see and feel that your heart has opened up a little more than before. There is a new awareness and a new growth each day. I'm thankful to your Soul for giving me the opportunity to Serve you. as i said with You and so many others moving so beautifully and gracefully on the Path and imbibing all the guidance, brings sheer Joy, Blessings & Bliss to my Heart
May You keep marching ahead, shedding all that doesn't serve You and shine to your Highest Glory, becoming the Beacon of Gods Love & Light Blessings always!

♥ Stay Blessed! 

"Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage"

by ~ Anne Chawla - Friday 28th December 2012

A Healing Journey Unknown that  unfolded step by step. This is how my Journey with God, My Angels and me began.

The healing journey within started in year 2010 September. 
Being born in an Indian family, this was totally a new learning that unfolded to me.

"Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage."

As we all know, the New golden Era has started for humanity and each of us is on a very unique journey and eventually we all will come to understand that we are all just energy and the vibrations within that we carry around,  manifest our lives.

This is just a one part of what i had healed, where i think we all ignore in ourselves and we run to doctors and kill ourselves with medication.
I believe a combination of spiritual journey and awareness together with medical science is a perfect balance to heal the dis-ease the body goes through from ignorance. (Ignorance is no self love)

For the last year  been having some neck issue, a pain a pull on the right side that runs like right down to the arms and the back. Didn't bother.... LOL thought ohh its just the pillow. the bed, the whatever excuses i could come without ,but going within was a difficult task. 

Its a new age thing, going within but in actual its a spirtitual journey with self and within that heart lies all the solutions and answers.

Not attending to it would come and go, hmm, ithought, i looked and looked nothing came up to resolve. 
On Dec 22nd 2012, I had an energy healing session with my dear freind, A energy healer, Shenazz Nardishah,  sent to me from Heaven. While doing the energy work and meditationa and chakra healing and balancing i got so stuck in the throat. 

She told me that my energy there was stuck and i had to let go of some guilt i was holding onto, freinds, family. I let go. Done.
But the next day it came back again felt stuck, so it began with asking myself some questions,
why am i feeling so stuck in the throat,
what is it that is in me that i let people walk all over me at times..
Why do i keep doing this, why dont i speak up for myself.
Love always starts with self.

Each pain in the body be it joint pain, muscle pain or shoulder pain is just a significant way of body telling you of a core issur that needs to be attended to.

Then today as I'm doing my yoga class and meditation at the same time, it all started surfacing showing me that there is a child part of me that is within me that was hurt. (When i refer to a inner child, it does not mean a child in particular but the Self within you, and that will always be with you till you move on from the Earth plane. )

That there was some part of me as a child  who was not heard and did not know how to speak up for herself.  
That child did not get to speak for herself because she was told she is not good enough and she was not worth it.
Always wanting security from outside, there is nothing outside if there in none within.  All you will find is insecurities.

So in my subconcious i've been carrying it all around, and it turned all into a habit.
A habit of not speaking up and always allowing  people to push my buttons without attending or telling them to stay out of my space..
A habit of always looking for poeple who will see my worth. You have to start seeing your own worth with your own eyes. 
A habit of feeling insecured of letting go of toxic people, situations and experiences.  (This is a belief and a belief is just a mindset and it can always be altered from time to time).

As these surfaced, I choose to let them go for i no longer wish to hurt myself anymore. I choose love for me and its done magic my pain is gone. As i kept releasing these core issues the pain started to go as well. How wonderful, emotions and body language speaks louder than words. I thank God for helping me resolve it. 

The reason I'm sharing this is  because the body speaks and the pain in the body itself speaks on what has to be dealt with, or that starting of little dis-ease in the body could traumatize into big dis-eases or occuring of other illness.

If you have throat or neck problems, thyroid and anything around the upper shoulder please take a look inside and see what is it that you must let go of, keep asking yourself and it will surface, take the positive experiences along and leave behind the hurts and resentments it might have caused you. Forgiveness plays a very important part here. When you forgive you release yourself. Self love

And if you are one of those who have children, (please always use words that heal and vibrate love rather than hurt, even for your own self and others who are part of your life) and as children manifests these into their lives as infections and all the time, a sore throat, and ear problem, please take a moment and hear them, they are either not being heard, supported or either holding on to something they have to say.

Please pay extra attention and help them heal this on an emotional level together with medical help.
Theres lots of ways to help a child, yourself or the person who is close to you or your heart to help themselves. 

Love and blessings to all the people who have made me who I am today. You all are a blessing in disguise in my life. 

I love everyone who has given me the opportunity to be me, be it positive or negative, relationships are for learning and growing. I am grateful to all of your Soul.

Thank you Roshani Sparkling Angels / Shenazz Nadirshah for showing me the way of light. 

Love to you and I wish to tell everyone please take that move and start healing your life 

and let Shenazz Nardirshah guide you and your soul to open you to love, to heal and to live.


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