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Friday, 14 December 2012

A Heart Stirring Testimonial of Her Own Transformation by my sweet Angel Camelia Anca from Dubai

Give your Few Precious Minutes to read this heart stirring testimonial of her own transformation by my loving sweet Angel Camelia from Dubai. Camelia is a darling who i met on 28th June 2012 for a session in Dubai, at the end of the session, on her asking if she could have another session the next day, i informed her i can't do it as i have a two day workshop and Lo there and there standing in front of me, she said she would like to come and do the Workshop can she? All i could say is if you're meant to Nothing will stop You from coming tomorrow. Gave her the Instruction sheet and i knew i would see her the next day. There she came the next day, morning smiling but subdued. She was someone who needed the biggest push out of the whole lot of them at the workshop. And Today Reading what she's written swells my Heart with Joy & Gratitude to God & Angels & all the Master Divine Beings for their Grace to flow into her life and into so many others, not to forget my own. My Response to her on this beautiful flow of heart that she's had, is written after her entire write up.

CAMELIA ANCA ~ Testimonial ~ End of year 2012

Today is another Magic Day for me and I decided to share with with you all my friends around the world to read here what is happening with me and what I am experiencing since July 2012.
I met a wonderful Angel on Earth her name is Shenazz Nadirshah (Bless You my dear Angel) and from the moment I met her I enter in a journey of Self- Discovery, Spiritual journey with
lots of emotional moments, lots release of anger, guilt, resentment, forgiveness of others and most important forgiveness with Myself. I am in a process of soul searching, what is my mission and purpose in life and today I found the answer once again. My heart is bumping stronger and stronger now when I am writing but I know that this I have to do right now. I have done and continue my daily meditations and every day, day by day I found the Unconditional Love within me and around me. I have wonderful people around me, I am meeting open heart people and I am Blessed and for that Thank You God and Universe that I am alive today to experience it and to share it.

I know now why I chose to come to Dubai!

Every day I am writing in my Gratitude Journal 10 Blessings and today 14 December I want to express it here and share it with you because it s a Special Friday today and maybe it will help for some of you.

List of 10 Blessings:

1. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for this amazing Friday morning 14 Dec 2012 because I had to wake up early morning to watch Love Happens movie- it touched my heart and I realized that it was a lesson for me- to set myself free, to love myself and my inner-child, to have Faith in me and to flow freely with life in happiness, balance and joy. I found myself again and I appreciate and cherish this moment. Love you my inner-child Camelia.
2. I am truly grateful to God for loving me so much, for showing me the way in life to cherish and love myself because this is my life purpose, this is my soul mission in life.
3. I am truly grateful to God and Universe and All Angels Spirits who are with me all the times because I found myself again, I found my inner-child who was always with me but I could not hear it or see it within me because I was walking blindly through my life or simple just ignore it.
4. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for myself because at this age 37 I had to have this experience - my soul discovery journey.
5. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for setting myself free because this is My life purpose- I had to go through lots of challenges in my life specially in Dubai to finally understand how precious I am and to love myself more and more day by day.
6. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for being alive today because I understood how important I am and to precious myself, love myself to can overflow with life abundance in all areas and to share with others, with the world.
7. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for writing down my precious thoughts here because this act is coming from a Love place inside me, from my heart who is open now for love and my love place is so big that it's spreading to others around me or with whom i am meeting in my life path.
8. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for all the beauty that I learn to see inside myself because this beauty is called Love, Compassion, Kindness, Harmony with Myself.
9. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for every day of my life because I am Blessed, Loved and Protected by All High Spirits in the Universe.
10. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for all the people that I came to meet in my life so far because each one of you had a message or lesson to deliver to me which only now I understood and perceive it. Thank you All and sending you All Unconditional Love and Blessings.

God, You are Great and every day You Amaze me with Your Blessings, beautiful challenges and Life lessons. ~ 
Camelia Anca ~ Dubai, UAE

Wow Camelia! My Hearts expanding with each words that my eyes are moving on and yes with a few droplets of moistness. My darling You must Pat yourself as i keep telling all of You. Appreciate yourself for imbibing the Guidance and following it through to manifest Their Miracles. So Congrats to YOU and Gratitude to Them for help You move ahead Gracefully. YOU have done it; YOU have co-created this with Divinity! Im just having a flashback of the person that I met on 28th of June 2012 and this Person on 14th December 2012 is 100% NOT THE SAME! Your words emit exuberance, confidence, gratitude, humility and so much of Love Light & Compassion OMG!!!! I truly truly want to Congratulate and Hug Your Soul for the 360 Transformation that it has Embraced, Accepted and Gone Through. 

I hope Reading this Many Many More, move towards their Path of recognizing their Own Divinity and becoming Spiritually Independent; just like how each of You are.But in these 2 Years of serving YOURS is the most Radical and Quickest Transformation that Ive seen. I"m sooooo happy that I'm stumbling on Words. I prayed for you the maximum out of the entire Bunch of you lovely Angels. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve Your Soul. 

Much Love always for an Abundant, Loving, Healthful, Spiritually Independent Life Ahead!
See YOU soon my Darling Angel! Love YOU loads



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  1. Feeling so happy for Camelia for reaching this point, and also for Shenazz for helping Camelia reach where she is now. God bless you both, god bless all of us. May the merciless of god help US all in being one with the Universe.
    In love and gratitude to one and all

    1. Thank You Jesi dearest! God Bless You always! May Love Light & Abundance flow to You always!

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  3. There was a typographic error in the above post.
    Sorry for that.
    It is Mercy of God.

  4. I just read this lovely post...Camelia God Bless u! And Shen thank you for sharing they rightly say, When God steps in....there are Miracles!!! You should just surrender positively to allow HIM to step in and Camelia has done just that. May this post inspire all those reading it as much it has inspired me to be a better person each day. Shen, your encouragement and motivation through your posts everyday, your sharing of 'Divine' Grace and exuding not only your humility in each post, but your grit, faith and determination to spread love and light to all is something which is making me feel short of words to express. All i can say is may you be blessed manifold for all the good that you do.

    1. Dearest One, thank you for your kind and loving words. Your own Journey is no lesser. Pat and appreciate yourself each day for co-creating your Life with Divinity. We all have a matter of choice and when we exercise the right choice we need to pat ourselves in all Humility that Grace has helped us and we have Let Grace flow to us and help us. May you be graced with Love Light & Abundance always!