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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Awareness & Acceptance ~ The 2 Important Keys

Awareness & Acceptance are the First 2 Key Steps to any Healing or Change.
It is as simple as being aware of a Pain, then accepting that it needs attention & then implementing the action of going to a specialist to heal it. But if you didn't accept the existence of that pain you wouldn't act upon it to go to a specialist at all.

So remember that, 1st you're made to be Aware;
If you apply the Awareness into your Life,
You will reach Acceptance;
And Only if you reach Acceptance;
Will You be able to move ahead to Heal Your Life.
So be in Awareness;
Accept the existence;
And take the Step forward to Heal ♥ © Roshani *

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  1. What a simple message yet so profound...Thank you for sharing this Shen!

    1. Thank you my dear. All Gratitude to God and Angels. God Bless.