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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is "Collective Human Consciousness" & How are You Contributing in affecting The Shift ♥

With All that is happening in the World at large, & surely in our small worlds too, we constantly get affected with the mass effect that spirals us into living the World Traumas and thus largely contributing to bringing their energies into our lives and fueling them more and more, though unconsciously. In this blog, the Angels gently remind us of our unawareness of the workings of The Collective Consciousness and take us towards the Light by showing us, how we can have compassion for what is happening around us in the world or our little world, but yet not be attached to the energies and thereby not give them any more strength than they already seemingly have.

Said Mahatma Gandhi ~ “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it -- always.” 

True to the above quote, come what may, we need to believe that each of us and all of Creation is Created in the Likeness of the same God. It is We, who make a choice to either operate through our Healed or Unhealed Energies.

Angels, Ascended Masters and all the Divine Beings of the Governing Council of the Universe, hold us more tightly as we move ahead and are left with only Three Days to the Day that will be earmarked as the Golden Day in the History of Human Evolution. The Day when Humanity for the first time in its Cycles of Evolutions, will witness the Shift; The Shift of the Era and The Shift of the Collective Human Consciousness.

With all the seeming despair, turbulence, violence, scams, dying, and killings, that we are all getting affected with, by seeing, witnessing or participating in them by attaching ourselves to the events; is exactly what the Masters guide us not to do. Yes everything that emerges from the lower, negative or fear based energies will show it's ugly head in a more epitomized way right now, as also, Mother Earth who empties herself, just like each of us, from everything that doesn't serve Her Highest Good. But the Masters say, hold your reins of the Mad Horses of the Mind as, you will need to be extremely cautious of not flowing with these events or their energies, by either giving in to reactions, judgments, curses, hatred or any such emotions, feelings, words, or actions, during this process, as that's exactly what it wants.

It wants to hinder and disturb the growth and ascension process of the Collective Human Consciousness that is rising and creating an Emotional Shift within and thus Shifting the Consciousness of the World. Many people ask what is "Collective Human Consciousness" and how does it affect? As always, the Angels and Masters, have beautifully explained profoundness and meaning of it, with some simple and common examples. 

They say that; Every Temple, Church, Fire Temple, Mosque etc., is made up of the same cement, bricks and other material. The statues of our Deities, Gods & Goddess forms, or Tombs or any other form, is made of the same, Marble or Plaster of Paris or Earthy material etc. Then what is it that gives us that feeling, satisfaction, vibrations and resonation of energies in Holy Places, but the same doesn't come through with that same intensity at our homes or other general places. Why?

The reason being, that when thousands, lacs or millions of people visit a Shrine or Holy Place with a One Single Focus or Intent of their Prayers being heard and the faith that it will be manifested by the said God or Goddess or Prophet, what They are actually doing is, with that single Focus & Intent, invoking the Universal Energies of that Deity, Saint, or Prophet to start resonating with them and thus the place where it Stands. This is what They say is; "The Collective Human Consciousness" which then contributes to raising the vibrations of that place, further and further as time goes by. 

In case of a particular place where a Saint or Prophet has dropped HIS or HER body, is the place earmarked by Them & the Divine Forces, to be the chosen place where the Collective Human Consciousness will come, lifetimes after lifetimes and invoke Their Universal Energies. 

Thus as the vibrations of the place rise, with the footfalls of this Collective Human Consciousness, the Universal Energies of the Divine Deity or God or Goddess also multiplies over the years, in turn increasing the manifestation powers of The Universal Energies of that Deity from that particular place.

The same is applicable in lower emotions. When someone is seemingly unwell, or in hospital, or going through a rough patch, the Collective Consciousness of people around that person who emit, sympathy, sadness, grief or sorrow, are not really helping the Person to come out of it any sooner. When that focus and intent of Collective Human Consciousness of surrounding people, keep emitting the sympathy with thoughts, words & emotions like; "How sad, poor thing" "Oh God this shouldn't have happened to him or her" etc. then what you are unconsciously doing is surrounding the person with these lower energies that in turn are increasing the intensity of the seeming issue. 

In fact this Collective Consciousness explains the reason why, when someone is in hospital for One issue, during the stay, could also develop or be diagnosed with some other issues too. The reason is the lower energies of sympathy has given rise to, or surfaced some more unhealed energies within that person, which come to existence in their physical symptomatic forms as issues, illness or dis-ease.

Thus to help your loved ones or just send healing thoughts to someone, you must, instead of sympathy and sorry feelings, extend, help, or just compassion, love and prayers. When next time you hear something seemingly bad, or visit a loved one who is going through any seeming issue, just say; "My heartfelt prayers for you / or the person's name" "I shall pray that all becomes more well" "I shall send love and prayers for the same" "Don't worry, have strength and the right solutions will come through" or any such positive statements. When you feel compassion instead of sympathy and say these positive words and statements you're emitting positive energy and helping the Person's Soul to absorb the medication, prayers and other forms of healing from a much better energy space.

So during these crucial days as you move towards the Shift, it is imperative that you closely watch your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, and actions. Know that as an individual you will "Shift" towards what you focus and intent the most on. It is the period of the costliest Choice that Humanity will make. The choice of operating through fear based, lower or negative energies; OR the choice of operating through love based, higher or positive energies. And depending on the choice you make, you will move ahead in this Golden Era, by either co-creating your Life with Divinity, or co-creating your Life with Negative forces. The Choice is YOURS!

You must remember that, "What you are in the Now of Today; is based on the Choices you made in the Now of Yesterday." And whatever choice You make is not only going to affect and impact your and your family's life, but the "Collective Human Consciousness" of the Universe and thus "The Universal Shift."

So exert your authority as the citizen of this Universe to make the Right Choice, that will move You and thus the World, towards a beautiful, abundant, prosperous, joyous, healthy, successful, harmonious & peaceful Life ahead ♥ 

♥ © Roshani/Dec 2012

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥  

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All!

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