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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Powerful intense & divine Recap Workshop ♡

Gratitude to God & Angels to guide us to do this beautiful & powerful Recap Workshop, of our Empowerment with Angels & Angels Practitioner ~ Level 1.

It was guided to be done for all those who wished to polish further, & deepen their Divine Connection with their inner Divinity,  Angels & other Divine Beings.

It was also for brushing up the soul with what they had learnt earlier, sprinkled with some new power tools to strengthen their connect with Divinity & thus was a great powerful refresher for anyone who had done Level 1 with us. 

It also was to nurture all the sweet Angels & help them, bridge any misconceptions or doubts they had, for self & thier connect with Divinity.

It was also, for all who might be divinely guided to do Level 2 anytime in future & who were still unsure of their connect; or easily fell prey to day to day negative toxins in life & to help them with this powerful little push & polishing. This was done to help all, whether they do any further Levels or not.

It was focused for the soul to learn further, to shed & release, learn detachment, move away from Doership of all sorts; so that each one can become, an empty pure vessel for Divinity to flow through seamlessly.

We are guided to do such Recap Workshops every few months, so that whether you become a professional medium of helping or not, you are empowered to help yourself, family & your little world, of loved ones around you.

I was guided right at the onset of this journey & deeply ingrained that, all those who I have Soul contracts with, as a source & who's Divine Timing has arrived, Divinity shall only bring those lovely souls to us for any workshops & sessions.

Thanking all the lovely souls who joined us in this wonderful Angelic journey to discover the God within us & within all of Creation.

Few words from the hearts of two of the Angels in the Recap Batch.

Sangita Chawla: Truly inspired by you and now your (earlier brood of) angels too. Wish the rest of my group was in the RECAP to know where we can be with persistence.

Pallavi Chaudhary: Thank you Roshani for the recap session. It was even more intense n interesting!  Thank you sparkling angels for the loving participation and giving a more nice experience.


[Our next batch of Empowerment with Angels & Angel Practitioner Level 1 in Mumbai is on 17th & 18th January 2015.
For inquiry & registration for this, or any other workshops, personal sessions, seminars, motivational talks etc. Please fill the REACH US Form on our website.]

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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