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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Unveil the Infinite & Eternal Self ☆♡☆

Yesterday's New Moon Energies, opened the portals of greater & accelerated speed of manifestations, moving towards the oncoming year of 2015. All that you think, feel & emote, will manifest at break neck speed as per each individual soul constitution, & karmic blueprint. Every action you take, every choice you make, shall have a greater karmic & earthly impact & manifestation.

Dense, unhealed & negative energies travel faster, so watch yourself with extreme alertness & awareness. Do not let these energies catch you unaware & unconsciously spiral you down in their clutches.

Be happy, positive, hopeful, joyful, kind, compassionate & overall Loving, in all that you think, speak, or do.

It is the onset of a great period, to enhance or even begin, to bring forth & manifest your Eternal Infinite Self. Release all separateness from your Source; the God Energy. Believe, live by, & say to yourself:

♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Love
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Abundance
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Bliss
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Joy
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Truth
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Knowledge
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Power
♡ I am Infinite & Eternal Consciousness
♡ I & The Infinite Eternal; are One
♡ I am The Infinite & Eternal One

This powerful belief will keep you centered & aligned to The Source. You shall experience in smallest to biggest of matters, the unveiling of that Eternal Truth, which shall slowly & steadily resonate in your daily life. ♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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