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Friday, 14 November 2014

The Child in You & Me is GOD; Awaken HIM Today ♡

Children are supposed to be the purest form of GOD energy; and this we have not just heard many a times but experienced it too. The subtlety of energy that operates through our childhood is unmatched, and can never be got back. The reason is we and our Monkey Physical Mind that grows with Age, has its own agendas and tricks to perform, for the survival in the rat race of life.

A Child lives with that joyful disposition, inherent trust, implicit faith in its existence and surroundings, people etc., knows exactly whom he or she likes or dislikes and that too without any apparent reason, and lives carefree as if there is no tomorrow. The reason being, it doesn't even know there is anything called a Tomorrow. For the child the only point in existence is the Now; and the Now is in continuous motion as it lives each day.

Our Parents, and their Parents and now us, try to live by many mistakes oft repeated through generations. 
  • We bribe them from childhood for their homework and good behaviour, 
  • We chastise them with good and bad labels, 
  • We don't know the difference between criticizing, punishing and positive discipline,
  • We instill in them notions of a punishing God, consequential religious beliefs & other destructive thought processes,
  • We constantly compare them when our ego is hurt for not being the parents of a Super Child, 
  • We create actors out of them,
  • We curse our destiny when we have a special child, or a slow child, or in any way different from the seeming term 'Normal'
  • We instill in them differences of caste, creed, gender power, color, countries, status and much more,
  • We never teach them that they are unique in their own sense,
  • We instill that competitions are only to be won,
  • We ask them to keep quiet about things that can disrupt respect e.g. childhood molestation, awkward questions on sex or gender etc.,
  • We instill in them to hit back or fight their battles in destructive paybacks, rather than positive courage,
  • We instill in them our struggles and unfulfilled dreams and almost try to make them Our Trophy of life,
  • We ask them to obey us or not back answer or shout, while we do the same with our elders; i.e. In-Laws or Parents right in front of them. 
  • We ask them to respect us or our spouse or elders when any of us at home, maybe displaying completely the opposite. 
  • We are lately in the last few years, more concerned to push their talents out into the world, not just to encourage them, but so that they become famous and start earning at a youngest age possible (younger the earning child, prouder the parents).
The child keeps absorbing all this and much more in a default mode, as the consciousness has not yet developed to filter what's being thrust upon.

A very poignant example lies here. We are born actors as we say. Yes we are, because right from childhood, you are asked to act. You ask the child to behave a certain way at home, another way in school, or neighbourhood. You ask the child not to do a certain thing at relatives home, or here, or there. And in all of this you skip to realize that, what actually you are doing, is asking the child to put on an act, even without the child or you knowing. These facades build up over a period of time, and we become perfect actors when we grow up, because we have forgotten our True Natural Self. We have lost ourselves in the thick woods of life, and lost our way so bad, that we don't know where to go and what to do, to unearth this True Self and bring it back in its inherent Glory.

The Divine Inner Intellect of the child is the one who laughs when flung in air, 'cause it knows that the hands that flung him are the same, that shall hold him back. The child when falls on his own may cry if someone's around or may not, but if the child falls or get hurts due to another person's negligence, it surely shall make it apparent by crying. He does not want to carry the baggage and wants the other person to realize their folly. On the flip side its Monkey Mind, is also growing and tells the child what to do, to gain your attention, whether for a toy or a candy. The child knows how to play games between two parents or grandparents, because it is by default absorbing your Games that you or others around them, play day in and out.

As we grow up, this inherent essence is what we call, the Inner Child. Many issues in lives by most people are faced, due to the harmful effects upon this Inner Child and only healing it can revive it's God Energy back to action.

So today being 14th November, Childrens' Day in India, commit to yourself that you shall start paying attention to your Inner Child and the upbringing of any child in your life.

Today and each day, try to do even just 1 thing, that you feel you did as a child, or that which brought joy to your heart, or that which reminds you of your lovely childhood moments...
  • Eat an icecream, chocolate, candy, ice-gola, cream biscuits, or just anything from your childhood favourites.
  • Go to the garden or the beach (take your children or any child and you enjoy it too)
  • Buy a balloon, a toy or anything babyish.
  • Read a fairytale, a child storybook, or your old kiddy books if you still have them.
  • Do baby talk with any child or anyone you can.
  • Do something mad, funny, crazy (without any harm to self or others)
  • Watch a Cartoon.
  • Read a comic.
  • Call up your childhood friend or make plans with the childhood friend/friends.
  • Catch up with family and reminisce your fun, good, loving, parts of the childhood days.
  • Revive a childhood hobby or passion.
  • And beyond all this just do anything else that can help you to Awaken that Child God within you.
You may never know, what you or generations may have done wrong, that may have affected & caused the dampening of it's True Self & Spirit of this Inner Child.

Know it is never too late. You can heal and awaken this God Child within at any age whatsoever. And so why not now. Help yourself to awaken this God Energy of your Inner Child, and also help your and other future children, to be responsible and spiritually independent Universal Citizens. 

And last but not the least, never forget that "The Child in You and Me is GOD," so lets Awaken HIM today; and more and more each day.

♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

[These are channeled extracts from our Workshop Awakenings that we impart. We conduct, workshops on Inner Child Healing & Spiritual Parenting. For details on the same please fill the REACH US Form on our Website address below.]

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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