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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The opening of the 11.11 Ascension Portal

The most important period to now be in more greater awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions, has begun with the opening of the gateways of this High Energy Portal of Ascension energies of 11.11

As we move ahead in the seeming time and space, all such energy Portals, will be opening up more and more. These energies are not just connected to one day or one date. The energy wave is set in, way before the actual opening of each Portal. The great Portal of the Photon Energies that opened its gateways for Mother Earth about 2 decades back, paved the way for the New Humanity to move towards the energies of the Golden Age. Humanity since then, has been pushed to take the road within, in a much forceful way than ever before.

And as we kept coming closer to the main Shift in 2012, the energies only kept rising and unfolding their new facets. Much to the amazement of Humanity, it saw a gush of mushrooming of Spiritual upliftment, motivational and spiritual Light workers, and the World Souls who's larger calling is to usher Humanity through these gateways, started to reach out to people and awaken them from their lifetimes of deep slumber. Many such Light worker and helpful souls, went through their own metamorphosis, between the period of 2005 and 2012.

This 11.11.14 is an ongoing Doorway to the Portal that opened its energies in a big way upon Mother Earth on 11.11.11. The period of life which has to bring in greater awareness, alertness & responsibility for each individual Soul, and thus the Collective Consciousness of Humanity had begun.

With this Portal Energy, Humanity is reminded of the Power of Thoughts and it's manifestations.

If you have been in the zone of bickering, complaining, whining, hurts, resentment, hatred, lust, greed, anger or any such lower forms of energies, and have not taken help or helped yourself, to come out of it, you'd see yourself further spiralling down into this torrential whirlpool.

If you have pulled up your life, and been making efforts to restore it, then however seeming difficulties may come, you shall be helped out of your quicksand during this major period.

This 6 months period of the Portal opening, i.e. from 3 months before 11.11.14 and 3 months after. Which means, the window period of 11.8.14 to 11.2.15 is the time, when the energies of this Portal shall be at its optimum peak.

In this period and onwards, the way you handle life and your Daily situations, shall become more crucial. It is going to be imperative of what you do in your daily waking life, for the entire span of your day, and what out of the 2 things above, are you implementing. It shall more and more dilute the power of mechanical prayers, rituals and norms that you may follow, but not live them, or put them into practice. Only that which you put into practice, will start resonating.

So if you blabber prayers and affirmations or Meditate,  simply for sometime, or mornings and night or at spiritual events, but constantly live in fear or worry or hurting people or backbiting, gossiping and being drowned in the seeming woes of life; then know for sure, that all that time spent, in the morning and night, or otherwise, on mechanical goodness is a completely futile effort.

During this period, as per your soul lessons you would have experienced a full speed, without brakes, gush of Karmic closures with extreme situations and hurdles that you seemingly faced. With the help of Divinity, you would have managed to surface each or worsened it by losing faith or fearing.

You could have experienced any of these:

¤ Extreme health situations for self or family.
¤ Extreme situations testing your patience.
¤ Extreme situations demanding unconditional love.
¤ Extreme bursts of old emotions, episodes of hurt etc., rising like a desert storm.
¤ Situations of anger, extreme mood swings, confusion or indecisiveness in life, being sad or depressed with or without a seeming reason.
¤ Seeming financial pressures or draining.
¤ Closure of close relationships and friendships.
¤ Unnecessary feelings of the World getting at you.
¤ Misunderstandings and difficulty in expressing your truth.

All these and more, are a part and parcel of all that you've hidden in the deepest realms of your Soul, and that which was needed, to be uprooted with force.

This stripping of Karmic debts and lessons, is important for all such Energy openings, as the individual soul has to be empty to make best of them, by absorbing these high energy waves. And only the ones who are empty or relatively empty or in the process of emptying themselves can absorb them, and shall benefit from these energies. If you are full, there is no space for the energies to rest within you.

All your efforts of transcending these mountainous Karmic lessons, shall prove to be fruitful, if you have stuck to the Path of Light, and held on to Divinity just as a child does, to its Mother. These are the times, to look into the seeming non important, tiny details of life, as that's where the real change shall take place.

The Good things would be:

☆ Opportunities to stand up for your truth, or for self, or a cause.
☆ Finding or recognizing the right person or mentor to walk the Path.
☆ Realisations of certain aspects of life.
☆ Clearing of misunderstandings and seeing the true colors of people and situations.
☆ Health restoration.
☆ Financial stability.
☆ Marriage, job and other manifestations.
☆ More peace and connection within.
☆ More awareness of life.
☆ More deeper connection with subtle energies, and their messages, communication, etc.

These Ascension Energies, are very important for the Spiritual growth, and Souls progress, towards that One Goal of life to merge with the God Energy.

Don't waste it, in fleeting from branch to branch chasing all that your Doer Mind wants. You may be flying for sure, but may never be able to soar high. So be in your stillness, and centered point of your existence, to each day shed more and more.

Stop fooling yourself with material jazz. Know and run your life with the complete centeredness that all abundance, love, success, and goodness of life, can only be there, when you live it. And when you live it, in a detached way, knowing that it is all transient and only to be used for the purpose of existence and survival, then you shall truly experience it and enjoy it all, but at the same time move your Soul closer to the Goal. When you do this, you shall start to live in the World; but not of the World.

To go through this period and make the best of it, bring these aspects into your daily life.

♡ Most importantly watch your thoughts and feelings and nip the seeming bad ones right in the bud.
♡ Spend quality time with yourself, family, friends, loved ones.
♡ Focus on how much you have travelled rather than, how much more to go.
♡ Journal your daily happenings.
♡ Open the way to a hobby or passion.
♡ Be in Gratitude all the time.
♡ Ask each day "How can you serve life?"
♡ Pray and Meditate, Chant or Affirm with the God within.
♡ Release all toxic emotions and thoughts of hurt, judgment etc.
♡ Daily forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you.
♡ Go into Nature.
♡ Respect Nature and Mother Earth.
♡ Respect fellow humans and all other species of Creation.

So hang on tight, through this wonderful joy ride, of these Ascension Energies and know that, all that is for your Highest Good, is already in process, and shall all land in your life anytime as per your Divine Timing. Be rest assured, deep in your heart that, you are going to bear all the fruits of your efforts, patience, faith, trust and perseverance soon.

God, and All HIS Master forms, Angelic forms and other Guides and Divine Beings are right there with you. It is you, who has to keep US all Awakened within you.

Showers of Love from God to All of HIS Creation. May HE Awaken in each Heart. Lighter things rise; Dense things fall.
So Be Light; And Be The Light. ♡♡♡

♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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