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Friday, 21 November 2014

Questions are never forgotten ♡

Had long back stopped asking this question which I did quite often when Universe changed gears and moved me to do what God wanted me to do.. The question was "Since after 21 good old years in the film industry YOU put me in this space, will I ever direct my film?"

The answer popped in today without asking or even having it on mind...

"Yes you shall and meaningful enough to transform yet warm and feel good to watch... nothing ever is without a reason or ever wasted in its literal sense, and thus not even your 21 years of love, goodwill, relationships and hard work towards your passion for art... but now as you see the art has been expressing in many more different forms, and each form is ME...."

Heart was calm as it ingrained the words & a deep deep sense of more Gratitude flushed up.. For everything and moresoever for patience and positive surrender in waiting for the Divine Timing for all things even the seeming simplest or biggest of our questions...

Best part is, the questions are never forgotten and when that Divine Timing arrives it is answered even without asking....

Love YOU O BABA MeheReheM always... ♡

Jai Baba ♡

Photo art by dearest soul sis Karlette. Thank you ♡

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