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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Reflections.. Introspection.. Shadows.. & Light《》●☆

"Remember there is a shadow, only because there is Light, which reflects it. Spirit-riuality is that inner 'ritual' of the 'spirit', to become the Soul; the Light that it is." ~ Roshani

Regular reflections & introspection, are as crucial as shedding & releasing. They are importantly needed on this pathless Path of the Soul. Diving deep into the realms of your unknown territory, where not a leaf fluttered before. The territory that at times, even you didn't know existed.

Reflecting on the different roles you play, the intensity of your authentic true inner self & it's outplay in your daily life, is so very important, for the awareness of your consciousness. Misconceptions, fancy jazz for experiences & visions, expectations for instant coffee & instant magic are all futile allies on this journey...

The joy, the bliss, the thinking, the reflecting, the shedding, & releasing is all within us. There is nothing, & no one to seek outside. Being true to your inner self, is being true to God. You cannot hide anything from these two parts of your very own self.

Most people need to have someone, & then holding on to that someone, who helps you dive deep into this inner world, is worth the keeps. As that external, shall steer your path to the internal, hand holding you, as you glide through the swirling by-lanes, of this sojourn.

True Soul Ascension, is like demolition of the old dilapidated self. The final Goal is not about reconstruction, but total deconstruction. The peeling off, of the entire Onion to reach its Nothingness. But the Path to that total deconstruction, begins with the reconstructing of the old & preparing it, for the final deconstruction.

And this may, or may not be an exercise that is completed in this lifetime. But as long as the Soul truly endeavors, & adheres to the flow of this pathless journey, God & Divinity shall be in full support to push it further & further.

Spirituality is a way of life to reach that Goal a bit faster & safer. And thus Spirit-riuality, is that inner 'ritual' of the 'spirit', to become the Soul; the Light, that it is.

Remember there is a shadow, only because there is Light which reflects it. Which means if you are going through a shadow in life, know that Light is surely around, somewhere.

When you do that, it's easier to embrace the flow of life. And when you embrace your seeming joys, sufferings, hurts, happiness or pain, with equal detachment & poise, you shall reflect the Love & Light of your Creator shining upon & through you at all times. ♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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