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Friday, 21 November 2014

The Infinite Onion ♡●♡

You might often feel you have done so much of healing & shedding, but every time it seems never ending. The reason being it is never ending, in its linear time of existence, as the end would mean, Liberation or God Realisation. 

You are like a large Infinite Onion, which has gathered layers upon layers over lifetimes. How do you think it's possible to instantly release those layers? And while working on releasing the old layers, you are unconsciously or consciously, even coating your self with new ones.

It is only when the Universe presents you with an opportune situation, do you realise whether you've really shed all that you thought or not. Take in point, you feel you have shed all unforgiveness for a person & after a period of time this person or the persons talk, is what you are faced with. It is this moment of your life, that you can really tell whether, you have forgiven & shed all the toxins or not. It is your reaction, or response of no response at all, that shall give you the real picture.

With Divine help you can live in awareness, to not only constantly work upon releasing & shedding these old layers upon layers of toxins, but also on how not to create new layers. This can only happen with the stillness of the Mind, & with focused, persistent, patient & consistent efforts to live in Awareness. And as you shed these layers all inner conflicts dissolve bringing your Mind, Body & Heart in harmony.

Awaken your Higher Mind, the God within you, to peel off all such layers of toxins & ignorance, so that you move towards its core & reach the Infinite Nothingness within. Know within your innermost being, that, God & Us Angels, are with you at all times. ♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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