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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Let's live Gratitude and Love 24x7 ♡

Wished few friends Happy Thanksgiving, but the heart and soul were in a different tangent. Both together were deeply trying to reflect upon the collective consciousness of all of us. It surfaced once again that the very state of goodness in our lives is momentary just like these special days when we celebrate or rejoice a single emotion or feeling and magnify it through the joy it spreads by wishing, eating, and merry making. The moment the day is over, does that emotion fly out of the windows and I'd it does, then why? Why cannot we sustain that emotion of gratitude, love, pride, oneness, togetherness, etc. all year round, each day of our lives?

Why do we give perpetual space to sorrow, hate, resentments, unforgiveness etc. and temporary space like Happy this day and Happy that day, to all good and higher emotions of life? Why do we just need that 1 day to express our love or thanks or oneness or brotherhood, compassion or kindness? But give freedom to let gossip, hurt, anger, backbiting, judging, hating, etc. reign and survive everyday?

This reflecting started actually from yesterday seeing posts and mesaages all over, as we especially in India / Mumbai, remember the 26.11 as the black terrorist day with true dedication and prayers for the ones who left the Earth. This has been an event which has deeply charred us, just like what 9.11 did to the World.

But that aside, just as an example to this pattern one felt that, no one celebrates or most don't even know how important and what significance 26th November holds in the Indian History. On 26th November 1949, the preamble of The Constitution of India was declared and adopted. This is The Constitution of India, which made India a sovereign, democratic republic, and that which came into effect on January 26, 1950, which is celebrated as Republic Day.

This starkly brought out the emotion that we need to collectively shift our consciousness and stop to unconsciously relive all the gory past, day in and day out, and truly look into the happy times of our lives and surface the goodness of the Creator, who's either in deep sleep or in a complete comatose state in many. This collective reliving of sadness and upheavals brings in more energy waves of the same and we unconsciously keep doing that time and again,giving more strength to that very negativity that devastated us.

This is normal for our personal lives too. We may not remember clearly that joyful celebration or vacation or marriage or convocation day but we surely remember every seemingly bad, or tragic incident, hurt, relationships, and humiliation, very clearly almost like a movie clip.

We need to pull up our socks and shake our lives from this veiled ignorant living and truly, truly work towards awakening this God and Good within, that is filled with the richness of love, compassion, kindness, brotherhood and oneness in each of us.

Lets truly pray that we dissolve this pattern of celebrating good things just for a day and rather live those emotions daily in our everyday lives. Smile, cheer, help, appreciate, and do all that will swell your heart with bliss and pump in more booster energy in the heart of another.

So come dear ones step up and let's celebrate life each day. Every moment we breathe is a blessing, every healthy, loving, abundant, moment we breathe, is a bigger blessing. Let's live Gratitude and Love 24x7 ♡ © Roshani/Nov2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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