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Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Learning on Dad's 6 Month departure Anniversary to the Real Home ♡

On the 6 months of the gracious departure of my beloved Earthly Father to his & ours Real Father's Home, I wanted to feed our less fortunate forms of God siblings. So prayed in the night to Baba & Dad that, if Dad's soul is happy & in awareness of the fact that I am on the path by not doing the mandatory prayers for him, but in his love & name sharing the joy of food with people, then to give me a tangible sign. Suddenly then I remembered how a crow had come at the high ceiling window of our fire temple on Dad's birthday & went away after I finished singing Happy Birthday & thanking Dad for agreeing to my decision even that time. So I told again, that tomorrow morning, as i wake up or to wake me up, come as the Crow to my bedroom window to confirm the same.

God & Dad's soul both agreed possibly to do that, & yes the unlikely aspect turned to be real, as I truly was woken up & saw the Crow cawing looking right inside the room (not facing the outside part of the window).

The food was already arranged for & then my sweet home child Chhotu & me set out to share HIS Love & Blessings with HIM, coming as 60 loving forms to eat the delicious Dal Khichdi, with pickle, papad & water. As I kept saying "Jai Baba" while giving them the packs each one too greeted me back by saying "Jai Baba." My heart was beaming with love, joy & smiles.

Divinely while I was about to buy some sweet with the food, was guided within to take water instead. So got the water bottles & it was such a super hit with the kids as some only wanted that water bottle, even if they didn't get the food pack.

It made me once again feel the importance of Water & how people should not take it for granted. Made me feel that we have so many blessings like water, food, shelter etc., but many choose to ignore them & focus on life's seeming problems. The joy on their faces as they hurried into the huts to eat together with their families was a sight to cherish.

Baba Bless them All with strength, courage, goodness & positive surrender, to go through their own pre ordained life & May Baba Bless us to count our Blessings & have permanent amnesia about our seeming woes.

As Baba says: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Thank YOU to Baba for coming as the Receivers of HIS own Grace.

Stay Blessed ♡ Jai Meher Baba
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