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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Celebration of Children's Day at our Monthly Meher Baba Gathering ♡

Thank YOU Baba for another Blessed day of our Monthly gathering and this time special again to celebrate Children's Day... and to make that more special we had a beautiful session of Songs and Bhajans, iced with the Reading of 3 pages of Lord Meher from the Chapter 'Merwan Is Born' and some childhood stories from long term Baba Lovers who have grown up during Baba's Living Years of HIS Advent. What priceless experiences and stories of their childhood episodes with Baba, were shared by Sam uncle and Vinod uncle. Rest all too, shared some lovely important things, including dear Kamakoti sharing experiences of him and his beautiful wife Liz's wonderful trip to Dehradun, Missouri and Benaras, where they met some important families, who's members have been with Baba, and visited some places where Baba had been.

Thanks to my darling Shahnaz for an awesome cake from her new outlet Leo's Boulangerie and to my darling Binoxy for the yummy pani puri she made, and all others, who got all the yum yum eatery niceties.

We closed the evening by watching Baba's most important prayer and my most favourite 'YOU ALONE EXIST' and favourite Aarti 'Aadi Sachetan.'

It was truly a great loving and enriching Children's Day Celebration with Baba. My take home, and a very poignant line, that dear Sam Uncle reminded us at the Gathering was, "Baba always wanted us to be Child-like but not Childish..."
So simple and yet so deeply profound.

Thank you to all the loving ones who came to make the evening so much more lovable.

Thank YOU to Baba, for bringing us all together, as the Beads of HIS Necklace of Love.

In HIS Love and Glory,
Jai Meher Baba ❤

[Our Next Baba Gathering is on Sat 4th Jan 2015. To come for the Baba Gatherings, please mail us on:]

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