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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another enriching experience ♡

Thank You God for another enriching session, with some beautiful souls at the Rotary Club of Bombay Juhu Beach.

With each of these sessions, my inner self expands with the very fact, of how much my little soul gains from all that Divinity channels & flows throughout such sessions. Though there is no teaching or learning here, only loving & living the goodness within us & releasing all that is unserving in any way; it feels very much like what we say, that our teachers learnt more, every time they taught us something.

It was an amazing interactive evening with everyone much older & accomplished in life, like doctors, some business men & women, home makers etc. One sweet gentleman was bent upon knowing "Why GOD ever needs to Realize Himself. Doesn't HE know who HE is? And why has HE created us, for just having fun through our misery, in trying to know that which HE already does." Some brief parts of Baba's explanation on the same were shared, he smiled & tried best to absorb, & then said "maybe I need many more such sessions, to understand this game HE is playing." To which some words of a Baba's quote "Don't try to understand Me, just Love Me" came as a response & I was made to smilingly say;
"Uncle stop all the understanding & just love God & when you do that, the understanding will automatically happen & at the same time, there will be no urge to understand anything."

Divinity shared some beautiful aspects, ways & techniques for them to easily imbibe in everyday life. The endeavour is exactly that, to simplify Spirituality for our siblings from the highest to lowest common denominator of existence, so that it doesn't seem as some unachievable goal or impossible way of life that's only good for reading & hearing purpose. To make it available in a way that's easily taken in, absorbed, digested & lived by.

At the end, even while having dinner & in the car park some were enthusiastically discussing & talking. So an elderly well known surgeon smiled & said, "Lady you've got us talking & discussing, which is a very good thing & a good start to looking at things with a new perspective." Some others said, that they loved the simplification of the session & there is so much of Take Home factor for each of them. Sure enough on that, as Divinity always flows that which is needed, for the wonderful group souls that come together for any such sessions.

Thanked Baba deeply for touching their hearts & helping in always keeping the Self away, tucked in HIS protection, to only let the Divine flow through, at all times, for all involved.

And as Baba wishes, I can only pray that HE makes it possible, to let HIM keep touching more & more hearts, through this little vehicle.

In HIS Love & Glory,
Stay Blessed Everyone ♡


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